We specialize in Residential Architecture for New Homes, Renovations + Additions in Atlanta, GA.

Within these project categories we are uniquely experienced with such design work as:

New Homes:

  • custom design for your new dream home


  • whole-house
  • master suites
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • attics
  • basements


  • master suites
  • family rooms
  • decks and porches
  • garages
  • outdoor living
  • "pop the top" for new 2nd floor space

Our Process:

The following is a general summary of our Residential Design Process.  Every project is unique, and thus every project will have its own variation of the following:

Phase 1  |  Start-up / Preliminary Design :

  • We'll measure and photograph your existing home and site (as necessary).  We'll then produce as-built drawings of your existing home.

  • Concept Design :  We'll then create Concept Drawings for your new design, including multiple option packages (as necessary) for your review and discussion.

  • Schematic Design :  We'll then refine the Concept Drawings (based on your feedback), advancing design parameters such as site positioning, size, layout and general "style" of your new design.

Phase 2  |  Design Development :

  • We'll then refine the Schematic Design drawings (based on your feedback), advancing all design parameters towards an approximate 75% completion.

  • We'll then assist you to Obtain Preliminary Construction Cost estimates.  We are connected with a qualified list of General Contractors and can make recommendations as necessary.

Phase 3  |  Construction Documentation :

  • We'll then translate the Design Development information into technical drawings for Permit and Construction.  Building Code compliance (and other project-related local ordinances) are carefully reviewed and incorporated into the final design.
    • This includes drawings, specifications & schedules for your selected General Contractor(s) to finalize costs, apply for Permit(s), and build.